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Green For Ever Landscaping Team 

We love nature & outdoors environments

Saul Vazquez

 Owner & Worker

Saul passion is to focus in the outdoors environment. Saul's is hardworking, friendly & responsible person with 18+ years of experience. He has lots of knowledge of plants, maintenance, irrigation system installations, grass installations, gravel installations and much more. He worked privately for many years until he decided to create Green For Ever Landscaping Company.

Gerardo Perez


Gerardo known as "Gordo's" is one of our most friendly, hardworking person who's been with us for the past 6 years. Gerardo has showing us that there is nothing impossible when you do what you like to do. Gerardo loves working out with plants and everything relate it with the outside environment . He is very humorist person that encourage Green For Ever Landscaping Company to work with a smile on there faces all day long.

Miguel Vazquez


Miguel is reliable, responsible, friendly & hardworking person. He has been with Green For Ever Landscaping for the past 5 years, He has the ability to learn new job duties as need it. Miguel's loves been able to help us maintain great quality services with great attitude and awesome personality. 

Maricela Luna


Maricela is an enthusiastic, knowledgeable, reliable and friendly person. She is the key for our family business for the past 10+ years. Maricela understands customers needs, creating new landscaping designs, new changes for drought tolerant in your gardens to encourage colorful and festivity views in your homes She is able to provide unique services to everyone.  


Green For Ever Landscaping